Cold & Flu Be Gone!

Introducing the Hydro Pulse, the definitive breakthrough in cold & flu treatment drug companies don’t want you to know about.

Meet The Hydro Pulse

Hydro Pulse instantly relieves cold and flu symptoms while working to restore your natural immune system. Without drugs. Or shots.

It’s a simple and easy to use in-home treatment. The Hydro Pulse pulsing action of warm saline mimics the natural pulsing of your cilia (millions of tiny hairs in your nasal passages), the function of which is critical to a healthy immune system. While stimulating the cilia, Hydro Pulse gently clears the sinus passageways of viral diseases and harmful bacteria, as well as allergens and toxins.

Hydro Pulse was invented to overcome the inherent problems with neti pots, squeeze bottles, and of course, the controversial side effects of drugs.

Both young children and the elderly are at greater risk from cold and flu epidemics. These diseases can readily advance into more serious complications for those with weakened or fragile immune systems. Hydro Med works to eliminate the lingering effects of colds and flu, as well help restore the immune system to its natural rhythm, no matter your age.

Those with allergies and asthma can have their discomfort compounded by the common cold and flu viruses. With Hydro Pulse, asthma and allergy sufferers can get safe, effective relief from those conditions as well as from cold and flu.

Try Hydro Pulse this cold and flu season. It really can reduce the possibility of catching colds, getting the flu, or contracting sinus infections, as well as relieve the discomfort of allergy and asthma symptoms – all without drugs!


Clinically Proven

Not just a cleanse or rinse, the Hydro Pulse pulsating action is clinically proven to make your sinus cilia, the body’s first line  of defense against contagions, function better.

Before CAT Scan shows congested sinuses before Hydro Pulse treatment
After CAT Scan shows Hydro Pulse results, clearing of sinuses back to normal
Invented by Dr. Grossan, founder of the Grossan Institute, Hydro Pulse is the first product of its kind to instantly relieve symptoms, plus help restore your body’s own immune system to better resist cold and flu viruses.
So effective, it has been imitated and copied by major companies whose names you may recognize. Be sure you purchase the Hydro Pulse. There is no substitute for the original.