Stop Snoring! Naturally!

The Hydro Pulse System helps your body help itself, without drugs.

Snoring got you down?

What about your bedmate? How does the Hydro Pulse® help snoring? If you go to bed congested, you will snore. The Hydro Pulse® is the most effective way to get rid of night time congestion… by getting rid of the cause of the problem: sinus conditions, dryness, pollen and other irritants. Gentle but effective, the Hydro Pulse® has helped thousands of snoring sufferers take care of their snoring problems.

Millions of Americans welcome the warm weather, but just as many dread what accompanies this seasonal change; pollen producing allergies bringing watering, itching eyes, runny noses, and general misery. But the problem with allergies doesn’t end with just a runny nose. Most people are not aware that allergy may aggravate or even cause snoring. The coming of summer usually brings wildfires that irritate our noses and eyes. With swollen nasal tissues, drainage to the throat causes tonsil and throat tissue to swell, thereby aggravating noisy breathing and snoring. Help is on the way: Leading ENT Specialist and author of The Sinus Cure, Dr. Murray Grossan, developed the Hydro Pulse® Pulsatile Sinus System for a natural remedy that provides soothing relief to those who suffer from the unpleasant, unrelenting and unromantic symptoms of snoring.

Hydro Pulse, the only sinus/nasal irrigation system available that pulsates, gently directs saline solution into the nasal passages with a therapeutic rhythm. This easy to use, economical device naturally and gently irrigates the nasal passages with just the right amount of gentle pressure for effective and soothing relief from inflamed nasal passages due to pollen and other irritants. No other sinus irrigation system provides this exclusive pulsating action. Pulsatile rinsing with saline has been used in Yoga to prevent colds and cure sinus infection for 3,000 years. Hydro Pulse, a groundbreaking invention, advances that same rhythmic action, only more effectively.

The Hydro Pulse System is covered in more than 37 medical journals.

States Dr. Grossan, “Swelling from allergies or other causes closes the small openings from the nose to the sinuses causing post-nasal drip and a runny nose; a serious sinus infection may be the result. You can prevent this by gently rinsing the nasal passages of blockage with rhythmic saline pulsation, at the same time as you flush away the pollen, smoke from fires, and other foreign matter. Anytime you reduce the pollen, you reduce the allergy symptoms.”

Hydro Pulse® is also a welcome weapon against snoring: the nasal attachment shrinks swollen nasal tissues and the throat attachment delivers pulsatile irrigation to the throat, which shrinks the throat tissues. This works for non-allergic snoring, too.

Daily nasal irrigation with Hydro Pulse® is the natural way to clear nasal passages of infectious toxins, the common cold, and allergens. They are simply rinsed away.

The Hydro Pulse® unique pulsating stream restores healthy movement of nasal cilia, the tiny hairs found in the mucous membrane. These cilia wave rhythmically, carrying whatever lies on their surface out of the respiratory tract. Healthy, mobile cilia are one of the body’s the first line of defense against a myriad of viruses, fungal and bacterial infections, including MRSA, (an antibiotic-resistant bacteria strain) that seek entry into the body though the nasal cavity.

Dr. Grossan discovered that slow moving cilia are directly responsible for many sinus problems such as sinusitis and allergies-even snoring and sleep apnea; by stimulating sluggish cilia through natural means, they return to a healthy mobile state. This discovery led Dr. Grossan to the concept of pulsating irrigation, and subsequently, he invented the Hydro Pulse¨ Pulsatile Nasal/Sinus System. The pulsating action stimulates the sweeping motion of the nasal cilia bydelivering the right amount of saline under the ideal pressure and at the right pulsation rate to stimulate healthy cilia action.

Prominent allergists recognize the value of pulsatile irrigation in allergy and stress the importance of clearing the nasal passages with such irrigation: In Allergies and Asthma for Dummies, renowned allergist William Berger writes: “Use a pulsatile irrigator to irrigate with warm saline to relieve pressure in your nasal passages.” Dr. Javier Subiza in The Journal of Allergy and Immunology, writes, “Pulsatile irrigation not only lowered the IgE of the nose, but also the level in the blood as well.” The Hydro Pulse® was honored as one of Time® Magazine’s “Best Inventions of the Year.”

The gentle pressure of Hydro Pulse® Nasal Pulsatile irrigation is more delicate than blowing your nose. It’s so easy to use that children can operate the device; three minutes a day is all that’s required. Everyone knows someone who could benefit from this as a gift.